Protecting yourself from COVID-19

If you have a long-term health-condition and/or are over the age of seventy, there are several steps you may wish to take to reduce the risk of getting the virus. You may wish to think about avoiding crowds or busy places.

Social distancing can help to slow down and reduce the risk of infection – try to keep at least two metres away from others. We recommend you isolate if you have received a shielding letter from the NHS.

  • Avoid looking after children or grandchildren as they can sometimes carry viruses
  • Avoid traveling in rush hour on public transport
  • Order your shopping and prescriptions online rather than going to the supermarket or pharmacy
  • Cover your mouth with a scarf when outside the home

    Re-Ordering Oxygen Cylinders, Liquid Oxygen or Consumables

    To request replacement oxygen cylinders, cannula, mask or consumables, please complete the form below:

    Do you or anyone in your household have cold or flu symptoms?

    If you are requesting a cylinder delivery you can chose a day for your delivery.

    Monday-Friday for North West patients or seven days a week in other areas.

    Please let us know your requirements:

    B10 Large Static Cylinder

    B10 large static cylinder

    Standard Ambulatory Cylinder

    Standard ambulatory cylinder

    Smaller Ambulatory Cylinder

    Smaller ambulatory cylinder
    (only available after a professional medical assessment)

    Liquid Oxygen Dewar

    Liquid oxygen dewar

    Adult Cannula (Curved)
    Adult Cannula (Straight)
    Adult Mask
    Ear Protectors
    Paediatric Cannula
    Paediatric Mask
    Filter for Oxygen Machine
    Tender Grips

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